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CoolTool Demoversion


After downloading, unzip all files and run file "setup.exe" for installion of CoolTool to your system. When setup is finished you will find all all data in c:\cooltest. Start CoolTool by executing COOLMAIN.EXE


CoolTool Pricelist / Order Form

Download the pricelist for your privat calculation of costs and needs, and take a look at our disclaimer before.


Important Notice for Administrators/ Installation of CoolTool

Requirements to the system for administrators and users


Route to CoolTool Technology GmbH/ IKKE Duisburg- Rheinhausen

CoolTool - Modules

CoolTool Technology GmbH; Kruppstr. 184, D - 47229 Duisburg, Tel.: +49 (0) 20 65 - 54 85 05, E-Mail:

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